NECA Boston promotes labor stability for the benefit of the electrical construction industry and our clients and customers. The Chapter takes pride in its long record of constructive and responsible labor relations as practiced throughout the years by the National Association and the Chapter and its members.


NECA Boston represents contractors in collective bargaining, dispute resolution and contract administration with Local 103 (Boston and vicinity), Local 490 (New Hampshire), Local 567 (Southern Maine) and Local 1253 (Northern Maine) of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Much credit and immeasurable savings have been brought to the industry and to the general public by the organization's diligent efforts to promote and maintain full and uninterrupted productivity while striving for economically realistic terms of employment. Among existing programs which NECA Boston has sponsored and participated in and which NECA endorses are the Council on Industrial Relations, the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee and the Employees Benefit Agreement (NEBF).