NECA Boston proudly co-sponsors the highly rated electrical and telecommunication training programs Greater Boston, New Hampshire and Maine with our IBEW partners at Locals 103, 490, 567 and 1253.

The Greater Boston Joint Apprentice Training Center (JATC) is a model education program co-sponsored by NECA Boston and IBEW Local 103 and dedicated to developing the most skilled, responsible and responsive electricians and technicians in the U.S. The program is one of the highest-rated electrical and tel/data programs in the nation. Our unwavering mission is to building professionals who have the expertise, character and sense of teamwork that bring great value to the clients they serve, the union they represent and our contractors who employ them. The rigorous JATC Electrical and Telecom Apprenticeship Training entails 1,000 hours of intensive classroom instruction and 10,000 hours of on-the-job training in the field – resulting in the most knowledgeable electricians and certified technicians in the industry.

The New Hampshire and Maine Joint Apprentice Training Centers (JATC) continue to grow and expand to meet the needs of the industry and offer rewarding career paths to future electricians and technicians. Their training directors, instructors, NECA/IBEW trustees are committed to ensure every person that comes through their doors are taught the skills of the trade through on the job training, working alongside an experienced journeyman who passes on the skills that he or she has learned over the years. In addition to the on the job training the apprentice receives related classroom instruction that produces competency and pride that leads to becoming a true craftsman.

For more information about Boston JATC's training programs, please call (617) 436-0980.