Dear Members,


Spring is a season of renewal and growth—and we’re reinvigorating NECA Boston to further build your success as we enter a period with so many exciting opportunities.


Network News is part of our enhanced efforts to further communicate, educate and share new opportunities with you and all our contractor members.


Our monthly newsletter is designed to help keep you at the forefront of the latest electrical and telecom industry updates and trends. It also will inform you about our ever-expanding educational programs, networking opportunities, Monthly Power 30 Lunch & Learns, and much more.


Springboards to Success in April


This month marked our first official Chapter meeting of 2022 and our first in-person membership meeting since 2020.


Our membership meetings are an opportunity to network with your peers, engage with business leaders, learn about industry trends and connect to make our electrical and telecom industry even stronger.


The ‘Fenway of the Future’ Spring Chapter Meeting on April 13th included networking, dinner, an introduction from World Series Champion Keith Foulke, and a special presentation from David Friedman, Executive Vice President, Legal & Government Affairs of the Boston Red Sox. (Read our recap below to learn more.)


With at least a dozen new projects underway or approved for the Fenway area, we are flush with contracting opportunities. It was fascinating to hear about the challenges of developing new projects in a neighborhood like Fenway and the strategies that The Boston Red Sox have employed to move these projects forward.


Using Our Network to Build Yours


We're consistently building NECA Boston’s reputation, expanded services and continued responsiveness to new best practices for every construction market on the mission that Our Network Builds Yours.


As one of the region's most qualified electrical and telecom contractors, you are an integral part of our network of 80+ contractors who set the industry standards.


We’re committed with an enhanced focus on utilizing our extensive network of resources to help you make better business decisions, to equip each member with the latest skills and technology, as well as the most efficient construction delivery methods.


I am honored to be your new president as we build new methods to enhance your careers and economic and professional growth through our network.




- Bill Weber