Dear members,


As we head into fall, we are rife with opportunities in the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) industry which has been injected with billions of dollars of government funding.


Thanks to recent legislation, the Biden Administration has enacted a bold plan to build over half a million EV charging stations nationwide, and our highly skilled network is at the forefront of these contracting opportunities.


Massachusetts will receive a massive inflow of funding over the next five years, including approximately $9.4M for this year to deploy Direct-Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations across the Commonwealth.


Electrifying the EV opportunity surge even more, President Biden recently signed a sweeping law providing additional tax credits for EVs, while Gov. Baker signed a historic climate law incentivizing the State’s use of EVs and calling for tens of thousands of public EV charging stations.


NECA Boston at the Forefront of Building the EV Network in the Northeast


New federal guidelines for the creation of this ambitious national network of electric-powered vehicle charging stations explicitly recommends that agencies consider the IBEW-NECA Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP).


IBEW Local 103 just welcomed hundreds of graduates that have taken the EVITP, and we are offering training locally to all our members at our NECA Boston headquarters.


Further, we are ardently advocating for our members’ EV opportunities with legislators and our community, while staying abreast of the evolving EV market in Greater Boston to help you build our sustainable and successful network of the future.


NECA Boston and our industry-leading electrical and telecom contractor members are extremely well situated to succeed while advancing the largest sustainable infrastructure program in history.



Kristen Gowin