NECA Boston Contractors set the standard of excellence in electrical construction. We provide a comprehensive range of electrical services for diverse projects, large and small.


Experienced in coordinating with architects, engineers and general contractors, we ensure each project is built to specifications. Many NECA Boston firms also have design-build and BIM capabilities, ideal for meeting current demands for fast-track and alternative delivery projects. Many also have service divisions, providing clients with ongoing electrical maintenance and repair services.


Expert in construction and electrical contracting, NECA Boston contractors provide comprehensive service delivery solutions to their clients that deliver value engineering, cost controls and quality assurance at every installation and operations phase.


NECA Boston continues to expand its services delivering innovative solutions to meet your electrical and power needs.

We provide the following services

Audio and Visual systems Building Automation Solutions
Building Information Management Systems CATV / CCTV
Core and Shell Electrical Installation Electrical and Telecommunications Services
Electrical Testing Energy Management and Power Quality Electronic Imaging Installation
Electronic Key Installation Emergency Power Systems
Energy Grid Management and Energy Efficiency Solutions Energy Management
Ethernet & RS 232 Installation Fiber optics Installation
Fire Alarm Systems–installation, maintenance and testing Green Building
Healthcare Information Management Installation Heat pumps, electric vehicles charging stations, solar panels and wind connections
Installation of Complex Mechanization and Conveyer Systems Instrumentation and Process Controls
Intercom, Emergency Call and Nurse Call Systems Interior Electrical Installations
Interior Services for Building Automation Intrusion Detection Systems
Laboratory Installations Large Power Supply Systems
Life Safety Systems Lighting Maintenance and Retrofit
Local Area Network (LAN) Systems Low Voltage Electric Grid Distribution Cable
Microwave for Low-Voltage Applications Motor Repair
Photovoltaics/Solar Energy Installation Power installation
Power Plant Construction Power Quality Services
Power Solutions Preventative Maintenance Services
Primary Power Distribution Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) Installation
Renewable Energy Funding through available grants Renewable Energy Installation through connection to the power grid
Renewable Energy Procurement Renewable Energy Project Design
Renewable Energy Site evaluation Security systems
Substation Construction Telecommunications and systems integration for low voltage applications
Underground Voice and Data Circuit Cabling Video, Recording and Reproduction Equipment
Voice / Data / Video Systems Wind Energy Installations


NECA Boston contractors have provided electrical construction services to many of the region's signature residential buildings, providing both core and shell electrical installation, power solutions and interior services for building automation, light maintenance and retrofits as well as energy management and power quality services.


NECA Boston electrical contractors serve the New England regions’ commercial office towers, retail centers, hotels and hospitality facilities and other large corporate facilities by providing comprehensive electrical installation services from the ground up.

Electrical contracting services include:

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  • Core and shell power installation
  • Large power supply systems
  • Interior electrical installations
  • Telecommunications and systems integration for low voltage applications
  • Lighting installations and retrofits
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Energy grid management and energy efficiency solutions
  • Building automation solutions


Heavy civil electrical construction requires experienced electrical contractors who understand both the technical demands of an installation as well as the logistical demands of working in a heavy pedestrian / auto / commuter environment. NECA Boston contractors have performed complex electrical installation across the transportation market, including surface transit, roads, bridges and highways, tunnels and airports. Heavy civil general contractors who rely on NECA Boston’s talent to provide installation solutions for building the region’s heavy civil infrastructure.


NECA Boston contractors serve many of the region’s leading healthcare institutions providing state-of-the-art electrical installations for new facilities as well as the retrofit of older ones. Their services include core and shell electrical installation, laboratory installations, healthcare information management installations, among other critical electrical and telecommunications services for the healthcare industry.


Industrial electrical installations range from simpler power installations to the installation of complex mechanization and conveyer systems designed to meet the needs of changing manufacturing demands for industrial facilities, including manufacturing, paper and pulp mills, warehouses, biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities.

NECA Boston contractors are trained and experienced to work with engineers and logistic professionals to design, develop and install state-of-the-art integrated systems for industrial projects.


From temporary power installations to complex co-generation and UPS [uninterrupted power systems], NECA Boston contractors are a first call for power installations to both large and small facilities for substation and power plant construction.


Institutional buildings require complex electrical installations that engage multiple systems with essential redundancies to ensure that all building occupants and visitors are able to use a facility to its maximum capacity.

From courthouses and public buildings to schools, colleges and universities, NECA Boston contractors are trained and experienced to work with engineers and professionals to design, develop and install state-of-the-art integrated systems for institutional projects.

Low-Voltage / Security

NECA Boston contractors are experts in low-voltage cable installations across a broad service menu of voice/data/video requirements that consider the following applications:

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  • Audio and Visual systems
  • Voice and data systems
  • Security systems, including CATV cameras
  • Fire alarm system installation, maintenance and testing
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Energy Management
  • Building Information Management systems
  • Heat pumps, electric vehicles charging stations, and solar panel and wind connections
  • Low voltage electric grid distribution cable
  • Intercom, Emergency Call and Nurse Call Systems
  • Microwave
  • Video, Recording and Reproduction Equipment

Telecommunications / System Integration

NECA contractors are uniquely qualified to meet all telecommunications and system integration installation requirements They provide voice/data/video system installations for diverse facilities – from corporate/commercial, educational, healthcare and technology installations. They also provide state-of-the art system integration installations for existing and new systems.

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The Association negotiated landmark collective bargaining agreements with the IBEW and helped develop a comprehensive four-year apprenticeship program, the first such program registered with the federal government. Since the advent of deregulation, the Association has been a leading advocate of promoting contractors in the telecommunications contracting industry.

Select installation areas include: 

  • Fiber optics
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Systems
  • Ethernet & RS 232
  • Private Branch Exchanges (PBX)
  • Electronic Key
  • Voice / Data Switching
  • Emergency Backup (Battery)
  • Underground Voice and Data Circuit Cabling
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Electronic imaging

Green Building

The National Electrical Contractors Association is committed to ensuring its member contractors are prepared in serving building owners and users with energy efficient, innovative alternatives to traditional building methods. To support this initiative, NECA’s national office is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is a non-profit organization committed to expanding sustainable building practices.

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  • Building Energy Audits. As leaders in all aspects of electrical construction, NECA Boston contractors are skilled in conducting building energy audits that detail a building energy’s usage. Our member contractors can provide a Total Energy Management checklist to help owners analyze the best energy options, materials fixtures and controls to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

    The Installation of Energy Efficient Systems. Over 40 percent of what LEED® certification covers is the work that electrical contractors perform, including atmosphere and lighting control, on-site renewable energy generation and management, construction materials and lighting component selection, and light-pollution reduction. This means that when an owner decides to meet LEED® certification requirements, the electrical contractor will likely have the most influence on the project’s success.

    NECA Boston member contractors to become adept in meeting LEED® certification for new construction, auditing and retrofitting existing buildings to improve efficiency and installing renewable energy technologies safely and efficiently.