An Inspiring Legacy


A distinguished businessman, Fran Angino was an industry stalwart who served for decades and continued to provide invaluable consultation until his passing. His contributions extended to the NECA Boston Board of Directors and the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC), where he played a pivotal role. Moreover, Fran held a remarkable 52-year membership with IBEW Local 103.


Fran's legacy in the construction industry is that of a titan, one who not only transformed Mass Electric Construction Company (MEC) but left an enduring impact on all who had the privilege of knowing him as a friend and colleague. It is often said "once you were in with Fran, you had a friend for life."


Beginning at MEC, a company his father founded in 1928, Fran started his journey as soon as he was old enough. His visionary leadership led to the transformation of MEC from a leading electrical contractor in New England to a large and successful nationwide contractor by 1968. Kiewit recognized this incredible achievement and acquired MEC in 1992, with Fran remaining as president until 2003. Under his guidance, MEC became one of the most respected transit contractors in North America.

The Francis "Fran" Angino NECA Annual Scholarship Fund is established in memory of Fran to carry forward his legacy of commitment to the industry. This scholarship is dedicated to the sole purpose of supporting and promoting continuing education in the construction management field. By providing this opportunity, we aim to honor Fran's vision and dedication while supporting the growth of future leaders in the construction industry.


Shortly after Francis C. Angino, a leader in the electrical industry, died, his widow Angelika, Ronnie Koning, President of State Electric and Michael Monahan, VP International Brotherhood IBEW discussed how to best honor his memory.  The decision to fund a scholarship to further the education of local electricians seemed natural.  Funding for the scholarship's first decades will come from the Angino family while the administration and further funding of the scholarship will be provided by NECA.


Together, we ensure Fran's legacy remains a guiding light for future generations in the construction industry


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