Transforming a Parking Lot into a Source of Renewable Energy


ALDON Electric, a NECA Boston member, is on the job in Quincy, MA. building and installing a solar carport for the State Street Bank - John Adams Building.


ALDON is transforming the otherwise unutilized parking space for State Street’s Boston headquarters into a source of clean, renewable energy to power the financial services firm and surrounding community.


The project involves creating a canopy that captures solar energy placed over a parking area. ALDON Electric is working with SunPower Corporation, Systems to build a 3.28 MW (DC) solar system.


The soon-to-be largest solar carport in Quincy consists of four carport arrays with a total of 7,460,440 Watt SunPower Maxeon solar panels. Work began in February and project completion is slated for this September.


For the Point of Common Connection, ALDON is installing a new Medium Voltage Switchgear that will back feed the power generated by the solar system back into 1 of the 4 existing utility feeders presently feeding the 777,325 square foot bank office.


Powering Finance and Quincy with Clean Energy


“ALDON Electric is proud to team with SunPower Corporation to build this large-scale solar project for CBRE- State Street Bank to provide clean green renewable energy to State Bank and the City of Quincy,” ALDON Electric President Allen Mullaney said.


There are 11- 400 amp, 480-volt sub-panel feeding 42 – 62.5 KVA SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 solar inverters, feeding back to ALDON’s newly installed 4,000 Amp 480-volt switchgear.


John Michael of ALDON Electric is the Vice President of Construction and also PM for this and the field team is being led by General Foreman Tony Michael.


The project is both exciting and challenging, said John, because of the use of state-of-the-art technology. “Also interesting was building with a challenge,” John added. “We started with a 5KW, went to a 20KW then a 300KW now we are building them as large as 8-10 MW.


Looking Towards a More Renewable Future


“We are always looking for new opportunities and challenges in this field with the Mega Charging Systems, Bess Systems, and Methane generators,” said John Michael. “Some of the systems Aldon Electric Installs, we are the EPC which gives us control on the entire project, which allows our team to drive the projects.”


ALDON Electric’s Massive Growth and Innovation


Established by brothers Allen and Donald Mullaney in 1986, the company has grown from the original two founders to employing 200 + tradesmen and professionals in the electrical contracting business. The company now provides “a complete turnkey operation” by combining both electrical and related technology integration needs.