2022 is the start of a new year in which we will be hard at work to add more value and create new opportunities for our Chapter and its members.


In 2021, we examined our Chapter and created a Strategic Plan that will serve as a blueprint in developing the milestones for our success. Our Strategic Plan identified several areas in which we will organize our efforts to achieve our mission more efficiently and more impactfully.


From a Blueprint to An Action Plan

We are building on that plan and the pages that follow will provide highlights of what we have accomplished and where we will be going. We will move from a blueprint to an action plan that will engage all of our members and our industry partners. Our areas of work are divided into seven different areas, including:


  1. Fortify Our Association
  2. Grow Our Association
  3. Grow Our Association
  4. Educate and Train
  5. Promote our Brand
  6. Expertise and Experience
  7. Give to Our Communities


You will hear and see from us more as we expand our brand in the industry and address issues that are facing our industry. We will need your participation even more as we navigate new market sectors, new ways to deliver our services and a changing economy flush with new opportunities. We hope that you will work with us as we bring solutions to the table that will create an even stronger electrical and telecom industry for our region.

- Bill Weber

William Weber Jr