NECA Boston Education Brochure

3 NECA Boston How to Use This Bulletin How to Manage Your Company’s Education and Training Program • Review the workshop and events offered on the course pages. • Once you identify the programs that interest you, you can manage your registration by visiting the specific workshop page. How to Register For a Program: Choose One of Three Ways! • Click on the register button on any individual page. The link will take you to the registration page. Complete the information and make your payment. • If you wish to register by phone, call us at (617) 969-2521. • You can also use the QR Code to find the registration page. Connect With NECA Boston and NECA National Events To help you plan your year more efficiently, we have organized a calendar of special events for NECA Boston and NECA National. Please see page 37 for a calendar of events and read on for more details. Why You Should Participate Our Network of training and educational resources supplements your expertise to grow your business into a premier electrical and telecom firm. NECA Boston provides its member contractors, along with IBEW and JATC partners, with the right training, tools and education to stay on the forefront of the electrical and telecom industry. Questions? If you have any questions, please email Walter Morrell at Welcome to the 2023-2024 NECA Boston Education Program Bulletin. This year, we have planned an outstanding array of workshops, courses and activities that will inform and engage you in the local, regional and national electrical and telecom contracting industry. QR CODE You can simply scan the QR Code on each page to register for that specific program. PDF Simply download the entire bulletin and save it to your computer or print it out and use it as a resource to plan your educational and event program for your firm. Digital Page Turner Flip through the Bulletin, find the courses you want and register via the electronic links. There is also an option to print each page or the entire Bulletin. Calendar Notice The digital page turner also allows you to Save the Date on your calendar. Once you register for a session, it will automatically get added to your calendar.