NECA Boston Education Brochure

2 Education Program Bulletin 2023 - 2024 Welcome! The electrification of everything is here! And our robust and state-of-the-industry educational program puts our members at the forefront of today’s competitive markets, preparing them to connect with burgeoning opportunities, especially in the clean energy sector. At NECA Boston, education and training are critical to our members’ competitive advantage. Our new Clean Energy Track brings the latest innovation to our members and their clients. This year, our Chapter continues its Monthly Power 30 Lunch & Learns and enhances our Future Leaders Program and Foreman Training. We also supplement our curricula with NECA National’s broad range of online programs across all facets of electrical and telecommunications construction. Be sure to register for the programs that will fortify your company, build your success and position your firm as an industry leader. NECA Boston Chapter’s 2023 – 2024 Education Program provides new and enhanced opportunities for our members. In this constantly evolving industry, NECA electrical and telecommunications contractors stand apart from the competition because we prioritize education, training, and performance. Our Chapter strives to stay ahead of advances in construction technology and techniques that impact our industry and offer training through our network to help members to work safely, improve productivity, and maintain our competitive edge. Our Education Committee oversees the educational workshops and tools NECA Boston develops for its member companies to support these aims. We are committed to educating contractors on the latest technology and industry trends while informing members about green energy. Please see our new Bulletin and find the workshops and special events that meet your firm’s needs. I look forward to seeing you and your team in class! NECA Boston is utilizing its expansive network to build yours. As we look to the future to enhance our formidable brand and increase our market share in Boston’s robust construction industry, we know there is no better way to improve our performance than through education and training at all levels. Our commitment is on full display with NECA Boston’s 2023-2024 Education Bulletin. And our Bulletin is easy-to-use. Our updated interactive digital brochure features our network’s state-of-the- industry offerings and events. Each page offers opportunities to connect with our network and build businesses, careers, and teams. We encourage you to take advantage of our course offerings and participate in the NECA Boston and NECA Special Events. You will find more information about them beginning on page 37. NECA Boston is Building Your Network and Our Success! Our Network is a Key Competitive Differentiator The Electrification of Everything is Here, and NECA Boston Contractors Lead the Way! KRISTEN GOWIN Executive Manager NECA Boston Chapter BRIAN MURPHY Education Chair President A. Murphy Electric Inc. WALTER MORRELL Director of Education & Outreach NECA Boston Chapter