NECA Boston Chapter – Proactive
Leadership in Legislative Issues.

The Chapter represents the interests of its members nationally, through its support of the Electrical Contracting Political Action Committee (ECPAC), and locally through its active involvement in legislative and regulatory issues. NECA endorses legislation which advances the legitimate interests of the employer or its employee and opposes legislation which seeks to impose unfair restrictions upon the employer or its employees, or which seeks to impose undue and harmful burdens on the industry.

Listed are key current legislative issues that have a direct impact on the electrical industry in Massachusetts and in some instances nationally. An overview of the NECA Greater Boston Chapter’s opinion on these issues is also provided.

NECA Boston Chapter Addresses Key Issues at NECA 2015 Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

Members of Chapter’s Legislative Committee meet with Massachusetts Legislators

Washington, D.C. – Boston Chapter NECA had a strong presence at the NECA 2015 Legislative Conference & Political Leadership Council Summit held May 13 and 14 in Washington, D.C. The Chapter was represented by Joseph McCluskey, Jr., E.G. Sawyer Co., Kathleen Guinee, Aetna Fire Alarm Co., Joseph Bodio, LAN-TEL Communications, Michael McDonald, McDonald Electrical Co., and Kristen Gowin, NECA Boston Chapter Assistant Manager. They were joined by representatives from the Boston Chapter’s government affairs’ lobbyists, Beacon Strategies Group.

Key issues critical to the future of the construction industry were the focus of the conference, and legislative meetings on Capitol Hill. The Greater Boston legislative contingent met with Massachusetts’ legislators, including Representative William Keating, Representative Stephen Lynch, Representative Joseph Kennedy III, Representive Seth Moulton, and Representative Richard Neal. The group presented NECA’s positions on:

  • Expanding investment in energy, transportation and water infrastructure;
  • Authorizing innovative new plan designs for multiemployer pension plans;
  • Repealing Affordable Care Act taxes;
  • Enacting comprehensive tax reform;
  • Expanding water infrastructure; and
  • Reforming procurement policy to improve delivery of construction services.


Subcontractor Rights

The Chapter supports the Massachusetts Public Filed Subbid Law and supports legislative efforts to eliminate pay-if-paid clauses and “no damages for delay” provisions. The Chapter opposes legislation that would undermine the Filed Subbid law or subcontractor lien rights.

Telecommunications Licensing

The Chapter has long supported the licensing of electrical and security professionals to protect consumers from dangerous and unethical work practices, and supports the extension of similar regulation to the telecommunication industry. The Chapter supports legislation that would establish professional standards for those that design, install, and service telecommunications systems and require that all who practice in the trade be adequately trained and licensed.

Utility Deregulation

Photovoltaic Installations – Electrical Installations
That Must Be Provided by Licensed Electricians


Electrical Construction Political
Action Committee (ECPAC)